Bushnell Tour v2 Review

bushnell tour v2In any field, let alone sports, a successful person is scrutinized to understand why he/she succeeded. The same rule applies to golf and Tiger Woods. He has become synonymous with the game of golf. It is only natural that he is drawing in vast attention and his techniques have been subjected to detailed study. One of the most researched actions of his is the golf swing, also known as Tiger Woods golf swing. It is just amazing to watch him swing with so much ease. It looks so simple and extremely flexible. However, to swing like that you would require astounding levels of physical fitness. There is no doubt that his fanatic approach to fitness has helped him scale dizzying heights of success. It is not only his success at the game that is awe-inspiring, he has managed to stay on top for all these years, which earns him the coveted position amongst the all-time greats of the game.

Flexibility hold the key

As you analyze Tiger Woods golf swing, one point that grabs your attention is the flexibility involved in it. At the extreme back of the swing action, he is able to reach much farther back than other players. Coupled with the muscle power that his physical fitness gives him, it allows him to achieve impossible clubhead velocity. During the swing, Tiger Woods twists his torso quickly and moves his right leg ahead. In the Tiger Woods golf swing, before driving through, he holds on to the position on top of the ball. While driving through, he builds up force by optimally using hips, shoulders and wrists. These beget the ball additional speed.

The in-depth research on Tiger Woods golf swing has revealed that when Tiger Woods uses his method, the ball achieves improbable speeds of up to one hundred eighty miler per hour. This is at least twenty miles per hour more than the top-notch pros of the circuit.

Another significant aspect of Bushnell tour v2 laser rangefinder is that the long-drawn-out follow-through allows greater momentum for the clubhead. His unique follow-through goes around his back giving the clubhead a long rotation. When you go over the details of the golf swing, it is easy to understand why not many can imitate Tiger Woods golf swing. It demands supreme fitness. Those who are not fit and not used to working out regularly, cannot even dream of achieving the swing action.

The success of Tiger Woods shows that golf is no longer a leisure sport. You need to work on your skill and fitness daily to achieve success in this sport. Not any exercises will suffice for golfers. Golf-specific exercises are required to sculpt your body, to obey your commands. This is the only way to acquire Tiger Woods golf swing.

Gold IRA Rules You Should Know

gold investmentIf you are looking into setting up an individual retirement account for your future, you should always consider the probability of adding gold to your portfolio. It’s a choice that you have to make, and one that will definitely be beneficial once you reach retirement age. Gold has been, and always shall be, a wise investment for those that are looking for an investment vehicle that will always continue to grow in value. There are some Gold IRA rules that you need to comply with, ones that will actually help you have a much larger retirement. Let’s take a look at what a Gold IRA is and what Gold IRA rules you need to follow.

Understanding Gold IRAs

A Gold IRA, or individual retirement account, is one in which physical gold, meaning gold bars or coins, are actually purchased and stored as a form of investment. This is in stark contrast to people that invest in stocks or bonds or any type of paper currency. Therefore, this IRA is going to function in exactly the same way that a regular IRA will, with the only difference that physical gold is the primary asset. Let’s now look at how you can invest into gold by rolling over some of your existing assets.

Rolling Over Into A Gold IRA

Invest In GoldMore than likely, you have seen many commercials on television, or even on the Internet, about getting a gold ira rollover. In some cases, precious metals are a much more promising investment, including silver, palladium, and platinum. Gold is simply an investment that many people trust because of its ability to continually rise in value. If you are going to add gold to your existing IRA, you might want to consider rolling over some of your money into gold, taking yourself out of other investments. However, before you do this, you need to consider the rules that

Gold IRA Rules You Need To Follow

There are a couple rules that you need to know about which can be somewhat complicated if you have never dealt with a Gold IRA before. First of all, an IRA does not allow you to invest in collectibles, yet the primary exception to this is coins. Some people will invest in US minted coins which is permissible, but the most promising investment is Gold bullion, especially those associated with futures contracts. Your gold must be held by a trusted custodian or trustee, not the IRA owner itself. You should also know that there are additional costs associated with some custodians that hold your physical gold that you will have to pay which is because of the storage facilities that contain your gold, security costs, and the insurance in handling this type of precious metal. If you are okay with all of these extra rules and fees, which are not applicable to other types of IRA investments, you should invest in gold and looked at it as a promising investment that will definitely pay off in the future.

If you do have an existing IRA, talk to the company that you have all of your investments through and asked them about investing in gold. They will be very well versed in Gold IRA rules that you need to comply with when you start this type of investment. By making sure that you diversify their portfolio into precious metals, you are actually ensuring that your retirement fund will have at least one profitable investment by investing in gold today.

Kitesurfing Videos: Are They Enough for One to Learn Kitesurfing?

learn kitesurfing in phuket

Kitesurfing as a sport is popular because of its intensity and the fact that every ride is a different experience. Among the great things about the sport is that it has a certain level of difficulty, making it appealing to sports fans who are looking for more daring activities to add to their must try list. Because of the danger often associated with extreme sports, the rule of the thumb is that one has to take formal lessons. The same is true for kite surfing phuket. A person who has taken kitesurfing lessons will be able to get a grip on the skills better and will know how to prevent accidents. An alternative to formal kiteboarding lessons nowadays are kitesurfing videos. Here are some of the great things about them.

They are cheap.

Because of their nature, they are considerably cheaper than one on one training. You can actually get some of them online. Their accessibility and the fact that sometimes you can get them for free make them a hit.

They are convenient.

If you don’t have the budget to pay for a plane ticket to get you to a destination that has kitesurfing schools, then kitesurfing videos are the way to go. You can watch them at home without having to pack your bags.

You can watch again and again.

You can watch kitesurfing videos repeatedly. This is great for those who like to digest the concepts first before they are able to absorb them.

You can collect many kinds and learn from different people.

The beauty of kitesurfing videos is that you have the chance to learn from different people. Not all teachers teach in the same manner, in the same way that students don’t learn in the same pace. With kitesurfing videos, you can collect as many as you like and learn the sport from many different perspectives.

kitesurfing lesson phuket

You will know what you’re doing wrong.

By watching the kitesurfing videos several times, you will be able to recognize proper forms and movements and you will discover the parts that you are doing wrong. There are people who learn by mere observation, and if this is your learning style, you can really benefit from kitesurfing videos.

Kitesurfing lessons vs. Kitesurfing videos

While kitesurfing videos have many good points, there are some things missing. First is student- teacher interaction. Part of the learning process is asking questions and since the videos are one sided and don’t allow them, you will have to figure out the answers to your questions on your own. Sometimes, a student might make the wrong interpretations, which can be dangerous if the issue concerns safety. Another thing that kitesurfing videos won’t do for you is on-the-spot correction. With kitesurfing lessons, if you are doing it wrong, the instructor will call your attention at once and correct the error—-before any accidents can occur. With kitesurfing videos, there will be parts where you basically have no clue as to whether you understood the concept completely or not, as no one will evaluate and assess your skills and your progress.

Used Harley Davidson Motorcycle Parts: The Good and the Bad

harley davidson parts
When you need to repair your bike or you need to update the look of your Harley, you can choose between brand new and used Harley Davidson motorcycle parts. Nowadays, thanks to the internet and the number of sellers advertising them, there are more and more used parts that can be bought online. Harley owners are drawn to used parts because of a variety of reasons. Here are some of them.

Used Harley Davidson motorcycle parts are easy on the wallet.

Anything used will be sold cheaper. The same is true for Harley parts. If you are on a tight budget and would want to save money, you can try used parts.

They are easy to find.

For people who don’t have access to a local Harley store, you have higher chances of locating used Harley Davidson motorcycle parts than brand new parts. You can find them on your local ads or you can check online for individual sellers on your local auction sites.

Some of the parts being sold still have an active warranty.

The great thing about HD parts is the extended warranty that they come with. So while you are paying for a used item, chances are the warranty it has still active and can still be availed if there are problems.

Looking for used Harley Davidson motorcycle parts is so convenient nowadays.

Compared to how it was decades ago, looking for used vance & hines parts is now easier what with the convenience offered by online shopping. You can spend a few hours of your day dedicated solely to finding the parts that you need. If you are persistent and you keep on looking, you may even find lots of great deals.

harley davidson accessories

The only drawback of buying used Harley Davidson parts is that you can’t always be sure that the items are in top shape. Some parts may have already malfunctioned and have exceeded their lifespan. The uncertainty factor should always be in mind when purchasing online. While you may be all excited about the cheap price, for all you know the item you bought is plain useless. Whenever you buy items online, make sure to read the item description many times and that the return policy is clear to you. Some sellers simply won’t accept returns and won’t give you a refund.

Also in looking for used Harley Davidson motorcycle parts online, find big and popular HD motorcycle parts companies with a good reputation. Remember that a big company will try to deliver and will do the best it can to satisfy its clients. Customer feedback is a good hint in looking for sellers. Always check reviews and find out what previous clients think of their services. Individual sellers are not always accommodating and can easily run away and shut off communication if a transaction is not successful.

If you want to save money, you can opt for used Harley Davidson motorcycle parts as long as you are careful and you know a lot about HD bikes.